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2014 Award Presentation


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Charles Allan Seymour Hawker Scholarship Trust Fund

The Charles Allan Seymour Hawker Memorial Scholarship Trust Fund was established by the late Kathleen Lilias Needham to perpetuate the memory of her late brother Charles Allan Seymour Hawker - scholar, soldier, pastoralist and statesman, by means of a scholarship.

The main object today, as it was then, is to encourage others to follow her brother's example of help and service to his country and his fellow men and women.

The C.A.S. Hawker Scholarship commemorates the achievements of one of Australia's most respected pastoral pioneers who served with distinction in the First World War and went on to become a distinguished scholar and leading figure in the Federal Parliament prior to his tragic and untimely death in an aircraft accident in 1938.

Since 1990 the Charles Allan Seymour Hawker Scholarship Trust Fund has awarded approximately five million dollars to 104 young Australians.

The scholarships have been awarded almost equally to male and female applicants. Scholarship holders have come from every sector of Australian society and graduated from government, catholic and private schools.

They have studied law, politics, economics, medicine and arts. Hawker Scholars are now working in Australia, Europe, the US and Asia. Four Hawker Scholars, Rachel Buxton, Anthony Roediger, Phillip Killicoat and Michael Jones have subsequently been awarded Rhodes Scholarships.