Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Applicants must be an Australian citizen. Preference will be given to students intending to commence an undergraduate course at one of the nominated universities. Undergraduate students who have commenced their studies may also apply. 

Applicants from regional Australia are encouraged to apply. Exceptional postgraduate students are invited to apply for a one-year course of study at Cambridge University UK.

Where are the Residential Colleges?
What course can I study?

Applicants will be proposing to study undergraduate degree/s at the nominated Australian Universities which will enable them to further their potential as future leaders. The course/s will be proposed by the applicant and approved by the Trustees.

One-year postgraduate degree residential scholarships may be offered at Trinity College Cambridge UK as well as a number of the nominated Australian Universities.

I am thinking of taking a 'gap' year. Should I apply?

Students who intend to defer their studies and take a ‘gap’ year should not apply. Students should only submit an application if they intend to enter and commence the course proposed during the same academic year.

How much is the scholarship and what does it cover?

The scholarship normally covers the full cost of residential fees for a period of up to three years. The average figure is $60,000 over three years. The number of scholarships granted each year is determined by the Trustees.

Successful applicants must provide evidence they have been accepted for admission to their course of study and where applicable, to the associated college. Applicants must be accepted for a place at Cambridge University and Trinity College prior to applying for a Hawker Scholarship.

What are the selection criteria and process?

The Trustees shortlist applications based on applicants’ ability to demonstrate their potential as a future leader, the contribution made to their school and community and their academic achievements. Written referee reports are also considered as part of the shortlisting stage. The Trustees may contact nominated referees and make appropriate enquiries concerning applicants.

Shortlisted applicants are interviewed by one or more Trustees.

The Trustees must be satisfied that successful applicants are capable of successfully completing their nominated university course.

In selection scholars, the Trustees may give preference to applicants aspiring to a career in public affairs, politics and / or community service.

Students from regional areas are encouraged to apply.

When will I be notified?

Applicants will be notified by late January if they have been short listed for an interview. Interviews are normally held in the last week of January or the first week of February. Successful applicants are notified of the details of their scholarship a few days after the interview.

What are the reporting requirements?

Current C.A.S. Hawker scholars are required to provide a written report on their academic progress by 31 October each year of their scholarship.


What happens if I wish to extend or defer my scholarship?
Current Hawker Scholars wishing to apply for an extension or deferral of their scholarship are to use the reporting template and provide additional information outlined in the template.
Can Scholarships be withdrawn?

The scholarship will be forfeited if in the opinion of the Trustees, the scholarship holder:

  1. is guilty of serious misconduct or behaves in any way which would have been taken into consideration against their selection as a Hawker Scholar
  2. fails their examinations without good cause to the satisfaction of the Trustees
  3. commits a breach of any rule made by the Trustees in pursuance of the power conferred upon them by the Trust Deed
  4. resigns their scholarship

At their discretion, the rules of the scholarship may be changed by the Trustees from time to time.

Can I study at Cambridge University?
Applicants wishing to reside at Trinity College Cambridge must first be accepted by the University of Cambridge and the College for a course of study by following the normal procedures for admission. They should be aware they will be competing with other applicants to the College. Information on admission procedures is available via the Trinity College website (