C.A.S. Hawker Scholars

February 2012

Ms Noni Cadd

Hawker Scholar: 1996 - 1999

Noni Cadd

I am very thankful for the unique opportunities the Hawker Scholarship gave me. Along with the considerable financial and educational rewards came countless personal rewards. In particular, my Grandfather Alec Grove-Jones took great delight in the link between my education and his fond memories of his early working life at Bungaree and his ongoing contact with the Hawker family. The Hawker Scholarship enabled me to move to Canberra to live and study at ANU and I can honestly say that college life was very different to anything I would have experienced at home in Adelaide!

Being located in Canberra provides a unique political and public service focus and I am sure if I had studied anywhere else my career may have taken quite a different direction.

I enjoy the challenge and variety that working in the Public Service offers. Since I was a Hawker Scholar I have worked in a wide variety of roles across a number of government departments including Defence, DEEWR and within the Prime Minister and Cabinet portfolio. Life in Canberra provides a healthy balance and I appreciate the luxury of having a rewarding career as well as having the time and space to be able to have a family life and to travel and enjoy life outside of work.

I look forward to continuing my career in the public service as I believe strongly in the importance it plays in protecting and preserving the Australian way of life.