C.A.S. Hawker Scholars


Mr Min Guo

Hawker Scholar: 2002 – 2005
Degree: Bachelor of Engineering & Bachelor of Law
Institution: University of Adelaide & in residence at St. Mark's College
Goal: Work as an engineer and contribute to Australian society

Min Guo's class teacher at Glenunga International High School in Adelaide describes Min as 'an outstanding person, who possesses the rare qualities of outstanding intellect, a powerful work ethic and clear goals for the his future. Min has a love of learning and the desire to challenge himself to achieve at the highest level and he has made a significant contribution to the school'

Min Guo was born in Adelaide. His parents left Vietnam by boat in the 1970's. Min completed his International Baccalaureate Diploma at the Glenunga High School last year, studying Economics, Chinese, English, Chemistry, Physics and Mathematics. He achieved the maximum South Australian tertiary Entrance Rank possible of 99.95.

Min is indeed an outstanding student. His achievements over his time at Glenunga are considerable. His academic awards and prizes include Outstanding Acheivement awards for physics and chemistry, High Distinction in the National Chemistry Quiz, the Bond University vice-chancellor's Scholarship, and Best Advocate of Competition and national team winner of the Bond University High Schools' Mooting Competition to mention but a few.

His community activities include working with the Youth Affairs Council of South Australia, membership of Young Labor in the Australian Labor Party and playing the violin with the Secondary Schools Symphony Orchestra. His charity work includes working with the Red Cross and Kiwanis International. Min also plays chess and cricket.

He's been actively involved in his school's political processes. Min served on the Student representative Council and was secretary in 2000 and 2001 and was directly involved with restructuring the school's student political system.

He helped to instigate several significant changes during his time as secretary including having a student advocate represented on every school standing committee and implementing student referendums and elections.
Politics are an important part of his life. He believes the best way to bring about change is to participate in the political process. Through his involvement, Min wants Australians to be less cynical about their politicial leaders.

Before taking up residence at St. Mark's College, and commencing his Bachelor of Engineering & Bachelor of Law degrees at the University of Adelaide, Min was working full time in the Management Information Systems Department of SAAB Systems, a defence and information-technology company based at Mawson Lakes in South Australia.

Min has already clearly displayed a strong commitment to the ideals upon which the Charles Hawker Scholarship is founded.

He is indeed, as described by his class teacher and all those who have had the pleasure of studying and working with him over the past number of years - an outstanding person.