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What are the selection criteria?

Selection is made through interview and is be based on personal qualities as well as academic ability.

  1. There is no additional examination specifically for the scholarship. No applicant will be selected until after he or she has been interviewed by one or more of the Trustees and after the Trustees have made appropriate enquiries concerning the suitability of the applicant.
  2. No account is taken of the creed, station or financial status of any applicant.
  3. In selecting a scholar, the Trustees may give preference to students intending to enter the Australian political field or other such activity considered beneficial to the Australian community. They also take into consideration such qualities and stipulations as they may deem appropriate to the wishes of Kathleen Lilias Needham as expressed in the Trust Deed.

These wishes include :

          a. The applicant must be of good character and conduct, well mannered and be fair and honourable in his or her

          b. The applicant must have given some indications of citizenship, of loyalty and patriotism to Australia.

          c. The applicant must have reasonable academic ability but need not be in the highest academic grade.
          The Trustees must however be satisfied that the applicant is capable of successfully completing the course
          undertaken. The Trustees will be the sole judge of that outcome.

  1. Before confirming or announcing the award of a scholarship, the Trustees require the scholar they have tentatively selected to give in writing an undertaking that if awarded a scholarship they will

          a. enter and complete the course approved for the scholarship
          b. subject to availability of accommodation and the location of the university at which the course is being
          undertaken, reside for the duration of the scholarship or for a period of three years (which ever is the lesser)
          at Burgmann College in Canberra, St Mark's College in Adelaide, Robb College in Armidale, Roseworthy
          Residential College in Adelaide, Marcus Oldham College in Geelong or Trinity College in Cambridge.

          Those wishing to reside at Trinity College Cambridge must first be accepted by the University of Cambridge
          and the College for a course of study by following the normal procedures for admission and they should be
          aware that they will be competing with other applicants to the College. Information on admission procedures
          is available via the Trinity College website (

         c. immediately inform the Trustees in writing of any changes of address or of any new circumstance significantly
         affecting the purpose and conditions of the scholarship.


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